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Crappie Predator was established over a decade ago by Nick Shafer.  Joined by his Uncle, Bob Shafer, not too long after, these guys have redefined the phrase, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."  Together as both owners and guides and with almost half of a century combined of fishing experience, our services expand throughout Rend Lake, Lake of Egypt, and Kinkaid Lake. Even though we're called Crappie Predator, we also fish bass, catfish, etc.  If you want, check out our quick profiles that lead us to serve you til this day.

Nick Shafer founded Crappie Predator after settling back into Southern Illinois with his family as a former U.S. Marine.  With many skills and trades under his belt, one of his true passions is fishing.  Nick uses many fishing styles and techniques depending on weather, season, species of fish, and client preference.  While fishing traditionally is an experience within itself, modern technology boosts each trip to another level. 
By using a 22' Skeeter ZX250 powered by a Yamaha SHO 250 and a Humminbird 1199 SI on the console and bow, we're able to get on the fish fast and easy.  There are days where we fish harder than others, but that's why it's called FISHING and not CATCHING.
For over 25 years, Nick's fished for subsistence, recreational purposes, and within the competitive circuits.  Nick has placed in many fishing tournaments including winning a Crappie Masters Illinois State Championship.  Although Nick continues to fish tournaments, Crappie Predator fishes year round.  In fact, Crappie Predator will fish with you rain, shine, or snow.  As Nick always says, "Fish are always wet."  As long as the lake is not frozen and the boat can get into the water, we can catch Crappie.  That being said, Nick will never put you in harm's way.  If he feels it is not safe, he will not urge you to continue or pursue the trip.         

Bob Shafer joined Crappie Predator after retiring from the corporate world.  For over 40 years, countless hours have been spent pursuing Crappie on Rend Lake and many other fish species throughout Southern Illinois and the nearby states.  Bob remembers buying his first boat for a hundred bucks.  It was a 14' V Bow powered by a borrowed 5 HP outboard.  He recalls not even having his drivers license yet.  These days Bob is fishing out of a 20 I Class Skeeter powered by a Yamaha 250.  He also uses a Humminbird SI on the console and bow of his Skeeter. 
Even with his updates, Bob recalls a time where Rend Lake was considered a "Dink Hole."  Times have changed on Rend Lake and it has become one of the best Crappie lakes in Illinois.  The Crappie continue to improve throughout the years in both quantity and quality.  A day's limit is typically 10 fish over 10" and 15 under 10."  On a good day, you can expect to have your 'overs' all above 12" and even some 13"-14" fish. 
Bob has fished, placed, and won many fishing tournaments over the years even taking the win in a Crappie Masters Illinois State Championship.  But being a Crappie Predator is a priority when on the water.  Winning tourneys are gratifying and although it's great to fish with all kinds of people, it's fulfilling to see a kid's face full of joy when they catch a fish.  But then again, everybody's just like a kid when they're fishing, right?!
Overall, Bob just loves to fish and really enjoys taking people fishing.  A great time fishing is what he strives for on every fishing trip. 
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